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Truly A Personal Touch...

Being very much an amateur, if not a beginner in creating a homepage, 
I have found the pleasure of creating homepages as enabling a way to 
express myself.

Like many others, I am no different. I have experienced the tears and 
laughter of growing, not as an adolescent to an adult, but growing,
generally as a person - from friendship to love, and the surroundings
I have been, far and near, have all motivated and inspired me in many
ways by giving me a wider, sometimes ironically also a narrower,
perspective and to which have evoke all kinds of emotions in me, 
which sometimes I've forgotten existed, as well as tried and tested
some of my beliefs and principles. 

My urge to create a homepage initially began as means to mend a broken heart some while ago, but have grown as means in which I view some common issues and feelings that we go through in the process of maturing as an individual. Most of all, it is just merely a personal way of expressing myself and sharing a part of me with you. Lastly, thank you for taking the time to drop by this page!!! Do feel free to drop me a few lines via e-mail.

Expressions... Please take a few minutes to check out my other pages which I have set up. There is a page very special to me because its creation was inspired by my own personal experiences from the past until now and is especially to someone special in my life now and also with relationships and a subject we can all relate to...LOVE. Note: To reach this page, just click on the link below entitled Straight From The Heart. I've also set up another page entitled Inspirational Thoughts and I hope that you'll take some time to drop in there as well. In addition, just like a page dedicated to love, I have one dedicated to FRIENDS!!! Check it out via the link below - Between Friends. I welcome any feedback, comments and suggestions. Just e-mail me. Last Update: October 2000

My Other Pages and Favourite Links

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Michelle Wong


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