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Dedicated to Love

Do you know how sometimes someone special 
enters your life, puts a smile on your face,
fills your heart with hope, happiness,love 
and care? I believe that no matter who you are, 
where you are,you would definitely have 
experienced this feeling...the magic of LOVE.

Here is something for a special someone who 
shares a huge part of my life, dreams, hopes,
tears and laughter.


Love is a gift from God,
It enriches a life,
Warms a heart.

Love can be trying,
Love can be hurting,
But we would still love
And believe in its magic.
As long as we believe,
It is worthwhile,
Love needs no explanation.

Just as a photograph
Can never really capture the
Beauty of a sunset,
Neither can mere words
Express the depth
Of my love for you.

With love,

To all of you out there...appreciate the person 
you love, cherish every moment, treasure the 
memories, never for a moment take them for matter how near or far, keep them
close to your heart. 

Love    Quotes

Love is that condition in which the happiness 
of another person is essential to your own.
~ Robert A. Heinlein ~

We love the things we love for what they are.
~ Robert Frost ~

Love's pleasure lasts but for a moment,
Love's grief lasts all our life.
~ Florian ~

No love, no friendship can cross the path of 
our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever.
~ Francois Mauriac ~

Love...what a volume in a word,
An ocean in a tear,
A seventh heaven in a glance,
A whirlwind in a sigh;
The lightning in a touch,
A millennium in a moment.
~ M.F. Tupper ~

Love is not blind - it sees more, not less.
But because it sees more, it is willing to see less.
~ Rabbi Julius Gordon ~

We do not remember days,
We remember moments.

Love is like war, easy to begin
but very hard to stop.
~ H.L. Mencken ~

You learn to love someone by what you do for them,
not by what they do for you.
~ President Stringhan ~

The Darker Side of Love

Love hurts, love scars
Love wounds and mars.

I'm young, I know
But even so
I know a thing or two
I learned from you
I really learned a lot;
Love is like a flame
It burns you when its hot.

Though it's been a while now
I could still feel so much pain
Like the knife that cuts you
The wound heals but the scar,
That scar remains.

Used to be so easy
To give my heart away
But I've found out the hard way;
There was a price you have to pay.
I should have known
Time after time;
Used to be so easy
To fall in love again,
But I've found out the hard way
To walk that road leads to pain.
I found out that love
Is more than just a game,
Playing to win
but to lose just the same.

~ Adapted from Love Hurts by Nazareth ~

The Rose

Some say love It is a river That drowns the tender reed Some say love It is a razor That leaves your soul to bleed Some say love It is a hunger An endless aching need I say love It is a flower And you, its only seed.
It's the heart Afraid of breaking That never learns to dance It's the dream Afraid of waking That never takes the chance It's the one Who won't be taken Who can not seem to give And the soul Afraid of dying That never learns to live. When the night Has been too lonely And the road has been too long And you think That love is only For the lucky and the strong Just remember In the winter Far beneath the bitter snow Lies the seed That with the sun's love In the spring becomes The Rose. ~ Bette Midler ~

The quickest way to receive love is to give; The fastest way to lose love is to hold it too tightly; And the best way to keep love is to give it wings.

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